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Greensboro Woman Arrested For Hit-and-Run Accident that Killed Calvin Hendrix

A gentlemen named Calvin Hendrix was walking along High Point Road early in the morning of April 13 when he was struck by a vehicle.  The vehicle fled the scene and Mr. Hendrix did not survive the crash.

After several weeks of diligent police work, the driver of the car, Breanna Newkirk, has been arrested.  She has been charged with several crimes including felony hit-and-run.

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Hit-and-run accidents occur far too frequently on the roadways of North Carolina.  Just within the past few days, there have been several reports of serious hit-and-run accidents.  These accidents frequently involve pedestrians who are left with serious injuries or worse.  If you have a question about an NC hit-and-run accident, read more information here or contact the lawyers at Hendren & Malone for a free consultation.

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