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Serious Wreck In Burlington, North Carolina Results In One Death and Multiple Injuries

A serious wreck on Tuesday in Burlington, North Carolina has resulted in one death and injuries to three others.

The wreck apparently happened at the intersection of Front Street and Tarpley Drive on Tuesday afternoon.  Apparently, a Chrysler van driven by William Skeels was hit by a car driven by Torey Mcbride.  A gentlemen passenger in the car driven by Mcbride named Clyde Sipe was killed.  Another passenger named Savannah Mcbride was injured.  Both drivers were also injured and taken to the hospital.

The accident is under investigation but preliminary reports suggest that Torey Mcbride may have run a stop sign.  Burlington police are still investigating and are asking that anyone with information about this wreck call the police department at 336-229-3500.

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