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Insurance Claim Dispute

Our Insurance Lawyers Help Policyholders get the Benefits They Deserve

The North Carolina insurance claims lawyers at Hendren Redwine & Malone have experience helping North Carolina families secure insurance benefits from insurance companies. When an insurance company denies a claim for benefits under an insurance policy, many people don’t know where to turn for help.

Our lawyers are not afraid to challenge an insurance company on an insurance claim denial. Our cases have forced insurance companies to pay millions of dollars for previously denied insurance claims.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly by an insurance company, call us for a free consultation. Our insurance claim lawyers serve clients across North Carolina.

Life Insurance Claim Denials

For many North Carolina families, life insurance is critical to financial security after a family member passes away. A denial of life insurance benefits after years of paying premiums can be shocking and distressing.

There are some situations where an initial denial of a life insurance claim is justified. For instance, if more than one person is claiming to be the beneficiary under the policy, the insurance company may be justified in withholding payment until there is a determination of the proper beneficiary. However, a denial of a life insurance claim without a justified reason may constitute bad faith under North Carolina law.

Many life insurance denial cases involve a federal statute called ERISA. Our insurance lawyers have successfully filed suit to collect unpaid life insurance benefits in a variety of situations including claims arising under ERISA.

Business Insurance Losses

Almost every small business in North Carolina has bought insurance to protect against losses such as fire and theft. Suffering a significant business loss can cripple a small business.

Many small businesses do not know where to turn when they receive an insurance claim denial. Our lawyers have helped small businesses with the submission and negotiation of business loss claims and we often handle these cases on a contingency fee basis.

Homeowners Claims Including Fire Losses

A homeowners insurance policy is meant to protect you in the time of loss to your home or to your personal property. The most typical event that triggers a significant homeowners insurance claim in North Carolina is a fire to your home.

Our homeowners insurance claim lawyers have successfully represented North Carolina homeowners in fire loss claims in both state and federal court. We have helped families get treated fairly even after an initial homeowners insurance claim denial. You can count on our lawyers to stand up for you and make sure you get the benefits you deserve under your homeowners insurance policy.

Third-Party Claims Including Car Accidents and Personal Injury

When you have a claim against an insurance company for someone or a company that caused you to experience a loss, this is called a third-party insurance claim.

As someone injured in a car accident, you will likely find yourself discussing your third-party claim with the insurance company for the person or company that caused your injuries. Understanding the obligations of an insurance company when dealing with a third-party loss can be critical to obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Our insurance lawyers serve all of North Carolina and have handled hundreds of third-party insurance claims for injured North Carolinians and we can help you with your claim.

What are the Legal Fees for North Carolina Insurance Cases

Many of our clients are already facing the hardship of having an important insurance claim denied. The prospect of paying significant legal bills is another challenge that most clients are not able to meet.

In most of our insurance claim cases, our lawyers do not charge any legal fees unless we win the case for you. This arrangement, called a contingency fee representation, keeps the financial pressure off of you while we work hard to get you treated fairly by the insurance company.

Hire an Experienced North Carolina Insurance Claim Law Firm

When North Carolina residents face a denial of insurance benefits from a big and powerful insurance company, they turn to the insurance claim lawyers at Hendren Redwine & Malone for help.

Our insurance claim lawyers have been helping recover money for clients across North Carolina who have been wrongfully denied insurance benefits including cases involving bad faith conduct by the insurance company.

We have the experience and resources to take on any insurance company for any case. Call us today for a free consultation at 866-874-5253.

Client Reviews
Mike Malone was absolutely fabulous to work with. He represented my daughter in a case and we could not have been happier! He was upfront from the beginning about expectations, honest through out the case and above all.. caring! Even though I lived 2 hours away, he was more than willing to accommodate us in any way, even if it meant driving out of his way! Mike is one of the smartest lawyers you will find. I recommend him to everyone! I have known him now over 8 years and we still keep in touch. Thanks Mike. - Christy Smith
Mike Malone is the attorney for an estate wrongful death claim. Mike has helped me through every single step. Mike is intelligent, trustworthy and thorough, and responds quickly and personally to questions. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs an attorney. Mike Malone has proven to work diligently to assist you in every way as well as make sure you understand what is happening. - Jason
Thank you Mike for doing an exceptional job. You were not only extremely professional but also kind,patient and understanding through an extremely difficult time. Thank you again. - Bryan
Mike is very sharp when it comes to understanding a case and how the legal system works. He also has integrity and a strong moral conviction which you won't always find when trying to find good legal counsel. - Camp Davis
Mike Malone was a pleasure to work with on a case involving negligence of another attorney in a real estate transaction. Mike was very eager to help us recover money lost in our case. Highly recommended! - Mariusz Stanczyk