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Car Accident and Personal Injury Claims With State Farm in North Carolina

Do you need a lawyer for your accident or injury claim with State Farm Insurance Company?  If so, call us today at 919-420-7867 for a free consultation about your claim.  There is no charge for the call and we charge attorneys’ fees only if we recover for you.

State Farm is one of the largest auto insurance companies in North Carolina.  At least one report indicates that State Farm has over 18% of the car insurance market in N.C.  Statistically, you have a good chance of being involved in an accident with someone insured by State Farm.

For accident victims involved with State Farm, the North Carolina Department of Insurance has some important information that may be helpful.  Company contact information for State Farm is as follows:
State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
1500 State Farm Boulevard
Charlottesville, VA 22909

Clients involved in accidents with State Farm frequently have questions about how much a claim is worth.  Our experience with State Farm indicates that they will consider numerous factors in determining the value of a claim including the amount of medical bills incurred by the victim, the type of injury involved, how much damage there was to the vehicles involved, whether the State Farm driver was clearly responsible, any aggravating factors such as whether the State Farm driver was intoxicated.

Insurance companies are not required to pay a specific amount for any particular claim and each claim is typically evaluated on its own merits.  This can be particularly frustrating because many people will know of a friend who was in an accident who received a big settlement from an insurance company.  It is important to be aware that most insurance companies will not consider this type of information when determining an amount of a settlement offer.

If you have been in an accident and would like to discuss how the insurance company is handling your claim, please contact the lawyers at Hendren & Malone for a free consultation.


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