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Patynana Terrell and Passengers Seriously Injured in N.C. Highway 49 Accident

A serious accident on Highway 49 on Tuesday afternoon has resulted in injuries to several people.

Apparently, the accident happened when a driver of a Mercury passenger car turned into the path of a car driven by Patynana Terrell at around 1:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon.  As a result, Ms. Terrell and two passengers in her vehicle were transported to UNC Chapel Hill for medical care.  The driver of the Mercury was also injured as was a passenger in the Mercury.

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Because this accident involves numerous injured people including passengers, there will be significant insurance issues involved in any claims made from this accident.  The injured victims should immediately notify their own automobile insurance companies because there may be insurance coverage available under something called UM/UIM coverage.  If you have questions about the insurance available from an accident such as this, call the lawyers at Hendren & Malone for a free consultation.

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