Aberdeen NC Accident Involving Tractor-Trailer Results in Injuries

A recent accident in Aberdeen North Carolina involving a car and a tractor trailer has resulted in injuries to the driver of the car.

The accident apparently happened when the tractor-trailer pulled from a side street onto U.S. Highway 1 and into the path of the car.  The car then crash into the trailer portion of the rig and went under the trailer.  Reports do not make it clear whether the driver of the car had the opportunity to slow down prior to impact.  The driver of the car was injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

These cases are typically referred to as tractor-trailer under-ride cases.  Our firm is currently handling a similar case involving two young men that crashed into a tractor-trailer in Wayne County.  In many of these cases, the tractor-trailer company will claim that the driver of the car should have stopped and that the tractor-trailer driver is not to blame.  However, there are laws that specifically prohibit a vehicle from blocking the path of another vehicle and it would appear that the driver of the tractor-trailer broke that law in this case.

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