Alabama Chicken Plant Fined $52k For Ammonia Leak

In an interesting case, an Alabama chicken plant has been fined $52k for an August ammonia leak that sent 150 people to the hospital.  Anhydrous ammonia, which is used a refrigerant at poultry processing plant, apparently leaked from a pipe on the roof of the plant.  The plant is run by Millard Refrigerated Services of Omaha, Nebraska.  Click here for more.

This is a interesting and troubling case.  North Carolina is one of the leading poultry producers in the United States and ammonia refrigeration systems are likely used in virtually every plant.  Just a few weeks ago, there was a significant ammonia leak from a turkey processing plant in Raeford, North Carolina.  The lawyers at Hendren & Malone are currently evaluating claims relating to the Raeford incident.

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