Denton NC Hit-and-Run Accident Seriously Injures Gilbert Temberton

A very serious hit-and-run accident near Denton, North Carolina has resulted in very serious injuries to a gentleman named Gilbert Temberton.  The accident happened around 5:00 pm on Wednesday on N.C. Highway 109 when a man tried to pass Mr. Temberton in a no-passing zone.  The man hit the back of a trailer that Mr. Temberton’s was towing causing Mr. Temberton to lose control of his vehicle.  Mr. Temberton’s pickup then went left-of-center and hit a Honda head-on.  As a result, Mr. Temberton’s vehicle overturned and ignited.  He eventually was pulled from the wreckage and airlifted to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital for treatment.

The driver of the Honda, Shelley Steffons, and her passenger Richard Rickman were also seriously injured and taken to Wake Forest Baptist.

The driver of the vehicle that caused the wreck, Michael Jenkins, was caught by NC Highway Patrol about an hour after the incident.  He has been charged with numerous crimes including driving while intoxicated and driving without a license.

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Under the laws of North Carolina, Mr. Temberton, Ms. Steffons and Mr. Rickman all have very serious claims against Mr. Jenkins for causing this wreck.  However, since Mr. Jenkins was driving without a license, there is a concern that he may not have sufficient insurance to cover these very significant injury claims.  If that is the case, the victims may need to make claims against there own auto policies for uninsured or underinsured motorists coverage.

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