Frances House Seriously Injured in Raleigh NC Accident with School Van

A very serious accident on Tuesday in Raleigh, North Carolina has resulted in injuries to a woman named Frances House.  According to available information, Mrs. House was riding along Lynn Road with her husband Billie Wooten House when a Ford van carrying students collided with them at the intersection with Valley Estates Drive.  The van was apparently coming from Valley Estates Drive.  The van is owned by Reese’s Transit and was transporting students at the time.  Fortunately, no students were injured in the crash.

Mrs. House, who is 83 years old, was transported to Wakemed with very serious injuries.  There is no indication as to whether her husband was injured.

The information available does not indicate what caused this accident.  However, we are aware that the direction of travel from Valley Estates Drive has a Stop sign controlling movement onto Lynn Road and vehicles coming from Valley Estates Drive have a duty to stop and may proceed only when the intersection is clear.   If the van failed to stop or yield to the Houses’ vehicle, the it would appear the driver of the van is responsible for this accident.

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