Furley Brown, Brittany Long, Brenda Acosta Killed in Whiteville, NC Accident

A horrible accident near Whiteville, NC in Columbus County on Friday night has resulted in tragic consequences.

The accident happened near the intersection of Gaston Sellers Road and U.S. 701.  According to reports, a 17 year old male who was driving without a license tried to pass in a no passing zone.  This driver apparently realized he could not complete the pass so he darted back into the main travel lane and hit the fender of the car that had been traveling in front of him which was being driven by Furley James Brown.  This caused Mr. Brown to lose control and crash head-on into a third car.  Two occupants of the third car, 8 year old Brittany Long and 13 year-old Brenda Acosta were killed as was Mr. Brown.  The driver of the first car who did not have a license has been charged with multiple crimes including misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

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