Greensboro NC Fire at 3100 Summit Avenue Results in Five Deaths

A terrible and tragic story has come out of Greensboro, North Carolina after a fire at an apartment complex has resulted in the deaths of five children.  The fire happened at 3100 Summit Avenue near Cone Boulevard on Saturday morning.

According to available information, the fire started sometime before 4:00 am and was controlled by 4:15 am by local firefighters.  However, five children, all under the age of 8, died due to the fire.

Reports indicate that a parent of the children had complained to the landlord about fires in the kitchen before this incident.  There are also reports that firefighters were at the complex on Sunday installing smoke alarms and changing batteries in existing smoke alarms.

Based on the available information, it would apparent that the landlord bears significant responsibility for allowing this tragedy to happen.  While nothing can bring back the lives of the little children killed in this incident, it seems clear that this landlord needs to significantly change how they manage this rental apartment complex.

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