Hamlet NC Head-On Collision Claims Two Lives

A serious and tragic head-on collision near Hamlet, North Carolina on Tuesday has claimed two lives. The accident happened on State Route 177 at around 4:15 am.  According to reports, a young woman named Brandi Faurot was driving a 16-passenger van in one direction and a man named Bobby Hudson was driving a six-wheel truck in the other direction.  What happened to cause the head-on collision is not clear but they apparently collided in the southbound lane.  An investigation of the accident is on-going by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. Read more on this serious accident.

Hopefully, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol will be able to determine how this tragic accident happened.  In many cases such as this, one of the drivers has drifted left of center for a variety of reasons that may include inattention.  For an accident occurring at such an early hour, it would not be unusual for one of the drivers to have fallen asleep while driving.

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