Huntersville NC Interstate 77 Uneven Pavement Motorcycle Accidents

A series of motorcycle accidents on Interstate 77 near Huntersville, North Carolina is being attributed to uneven pavement on the roadway.  Huntersville, North Carolina police have indicated that as many as 5 separate motorcycle accidents along the stretch of Interstate 77 near Hambright Road are the result of uneven pavement including one accident that resulted in a fatality last Saturday night.  The company that is serving as the general contractor for the project has been fined almost $7 million for the project.

There are number of NCDOT regulations that apply to to resurfacing operations that are often violated during pavement operations.  Among other regulations, for any pavement deviations of 2 inches or less, all resurfaced lanes must be brought to the same elevation within 72 hours.  If the lanes are not brought to the same elevation within 72 hours, UNEVEN PAVEMENT signs must be placed in advance of the uneven pavement and along the uneven pavement section of the roadway.  Also, for any paving lifts greater than 2 inches, all lanes must be brought to the same elevation within the same level by the end of the work day.

At this time, we cannot determine whether the uneven pavement was appropriate under the NCDOT rules and regulations.  However, the excessive number of motorcycle crashes is very concerning.  Our firm is currently litigating a series of motorcycle crash cases involving uneven pavement at a highway resurfacing operation on a highway in western North Carolina that appears to be very similar to the situation on Interstate 77.

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