Impaired Driver Kills Katherine Parker of Kenly, North Carolina

A very tragic accident involving an impaired driver on October 6 in Johnston County has left one person dead and several others with serious injuries.  The accident happened at the intersection of NC Highway 96 and NC Highway 42.  According to available information, the impaired driver was driving erratically for several miles and was being followed by another driver who was on the phone with 911.  While this was happening, the impaired driver ran several people off the road causing multiple crashes including a crash that left Katherine Parker dead.  Ms. Parker was 34 years old and from Kenly, North Carolina.  Seven others were also injured.

This wreck is certainly a terrible tragedy and clearly not an ordinary accident.  Hopefully, the impaired driver has sufficient insurance for the significant claims that will arise form these wrecks.  Given the nature of the wrecks, there will some unique insurance questions.  For instance, under the typical insurance policy, there is coverage on a per accident basis.  In this case, the insurance company may attempt to claim that this was a single accident in order to minimize payments to the victims.  Depending on the specifics of how the accidents happened, this interpretation may not be correct.  An additional issue will likely be the existence of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage for the victims which may provide some help to cover these significant claims.

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