Interstate 85 Wreck in Warren County, NC Results in Serious Injuries and Fatality

A very serious wreck on Interstate 85 in Warren County, North Carolina on Friday has resulted in one death.  The facts of the accident are not entirely clear but it is reported that three vehicles had slowed for traffic including at least one tractor-trailer.  A second tractor-trailer did not slow in time and rear-ended the first tractor trailer.  The second tractor-trailer then caught fire.  The second tractor-trailer was then struck from behind by another vehicle.  The driver of the second tractor-trailer was killed when his truck incinerated.

At this point, it is not clear whether the second tractor-trailer driver, who died in the crash, was actually at fault or whether he would have survived had his truck not been struck from behind.  In serious fatal accidents such as this, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol accident reconstruction unit would typically conduct a thorough investigation in order to determine the sequence of events and causes of the collision.

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