Jennifer Burton Killed in North Carolina Interstate 77 Crash With Tractor-Trailer

A woman from Roanoke, Virginia named Jennifer Burton has tragically passed away from injuries sustained in a crash with a tractor-trailer on October 27 on Interstate 77.

The crash happened near mile marker 81 at a location where the left lane of the highway was closed for construction.  According to available information, a tractor-trailer failed to slow down in the construction area and ran into the back of the vehicle in which Ms. Burton was a passenger.  Unfortunately, Ms. Burton passed away several days after the wreck.  Ms. Burton was 61 years old and from Roanoke, Virginia.

Charges are pending in the accident against the tractor-trailer driver.

One additional issue that is not clear from the available reports is whether there was appropriate signage leading up to the construction zone.  A colleague of ours recently resolved a significant case involving very similar facts and there was a significant claim against the contractors for failing to adequately post signage relating to the construction zone.  This fact, along with the liability of the tractor-trailer driver, should be considered as potential basis for recovery for the significant losses to the Burton family.

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