Johnston Co. NC Guardrail Accident Claims Life of Vivian Bass

A 20 year old woman named Vivian Bass was tragically killed in a single-car accident in Johnston County, North Carolina early Wednesday morning.  The accident happened around 4:10 am in Interstate 40 near Mile Marker 328 as Ms. Bass traveled in the eastbound direction.  According to available information, the vehicle traveled off the road and struck a guardrail and then became engulfed in flames.

This car accident is a obviously a terrible tragedy for the family of this young woman.  Ordinarily, an accident such as this would not involve the liability of any party.  However, we have recently become involved in claims involving defective guardrail systems including the possible misplacement of guardrails.  It is not clear whether the guardrail in this instance functioned properly or whether it contributed to this tragic outcome.  Also, it is not clear why the Toyota vehicle became engulfed in flames following the impact.  We are aware of some cases where a fuel system did not operate properly upon impact and caused a fire.  The cause of this fire and whether there was any defect in the fuel system should be considered in this case.

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