Lake Gaston Boat Accident Injures Young Boy

An accident on Lake Gaston in North Carolina involving a personal watercraft has resulted in injuries to an eight year old boy.

The accident happened last Sunday near a spot called Edwards Beach.  Apparently, the person driving the personal watercraft claimed it malfunctioned and accelerated on its own then striking an innertube injuried a boy.  The injured boy was treated for a laceration to the head and a possible concussion.  Apparently, the operator of the jet ski was charged in the incident by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission enforcement officer noting that it is not lawful to oeprate a personal watercraft such as a jet ski within 100 feet of a person swimming or a swim float.

It is unclear in this accident whether there is any mechanical basis for the suggestion that the jet ski accelerated on its own.  We are not aware of any recalls on jet skis for this issue.  Assuming the jet ski operator was at fault, the family of the injured boy may have a claim against the jet ski operator and/or its owner.  Cases involing the negligent operation of a watercraft are highly complex and made only more difficult by the uncertain insurance issues that always come up in these cases.

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