Laura Holt Killed and Dawn Cranford Injured in Holly Springs NC Accident

A terrible two-car accident in Holly Springs, North Carolina has resulted in the death of a woman named Laura Holt and serious injuries to two other women.  The accident happened early Sunday morning on NC Highway 55 at the intersection with West Holy Springs Road.  According to reports, a vehicle driven by a woman named Karen Bender was turning left from southbound NC 55 onto West Holly Springs Road when it collided with the vehicle driven by Ms. Holt.  Tragically, Ms. Holt did not survive the accident.

A woman named Dawn Cranford was riding with Ms. Holt was injured as was Ms. Bender.  Reports indicate that a subsequent inspection of the vehicles resulted in the discovery in Ms. Bender’s vehicle of a flask containing residue of alcohol.  In Ms. Holt’s vehicle, police found several containers of pills.  However, there is no indication that alcohol or the pills were a cause of the wreck and the investigation is on-going.

These types of reports are concerning because it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in an impaired state whether the impairment arises from alcohol or pills.  However, we should not jump to conclusions about what happened here until there is more information available.  Either way, this accident is certainly a terrible loss for the Holt family and we hope the injured victims recover.

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