Lumberton NC Child Burned at Head Start Daycare

A little one-year old girl suffered severe burns recently at a Head Start Daycare facility in Lumberton, North Carolina.  The incident apparently happened when the little girl apparently put her hand in a very hot bowl of grits sitting on top of a microwave.

The very troubling part about this story is that after the girl’s hand was burned, the workers at the Head Start only treated the girl’s hand with cold water and ice.  The little girl’s hand started to blister during the day but no one ever called the girl’s family.  The girl’s mother, Stephanie Womack, discovered the blisters when she picked her daughter up at the end of the day.  After taking her daughter to the local emergency room in Lumberton, they were referred to the UNC Burn Center in Chapel Hill.

It is hard to imagine how painful these burns must have been for this little girl.  Under these circumstances, the family of the girl would appear to have a very strong case against the Head Start facility.

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