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Man Runs Red Light in Brunswick County Killing Woman

A terrible wreck on Wednesday in Brunswick County has resulted in the death of a 72 year old woman.

The wreck apparently happened when a man driving a pick-up truck ran a red-light on N.C. 211 at the intersection of Highway 17 and t-boned a Mazda driven by Barbara Brunson.  As a result of the crash, Ms. Brunson was killed.

The truck driver, Danny Chase, faces charges for the wreck including driving with a revoked license.

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Obviously this is a terrible accident and we feel for the family of Ms. Brunson.  Indeed, the NCDOT has taken steps over the past few years to make Highway 17 safer such as adding the turnaround lanes.  However, this remains a dangerous road and our firm currently represents the family of a bicyclist killed in a wreck very close to this location. 

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