Raleigh Scooter Accident Involving Police Car Results in Two Deaths

A serious accident involving a Raleigh police car and a scooter happened early on Wednesday morning in northeast Raleigh.

The wreck occurred on Skycrest Drive near the intersection of Hill Street.  There is very little information about the accident except that it happened around 3:00 am.  As a result of the wreck, the scooter ended up under the front of the police car.  Two gentlemen riding on the scooter were killed.

It is not clear how this terrible accident happened.  Accidents involving scooters and bicycles at night can be tricky from a liability perspective and quickly securing evidence from the accident scene can make the difference in determining who is at fault.  In cases similar to this, our firm will typically send an accident engineer to the accident scene to take detailed measurements of all of the physical evidence and photograph and roadway markings that may be related to the accident.  Using well-established engineering principals, we can often determine how the accident happened and who was at fault.

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