Regina Croft Killed in Jacksonville NC Crash With Runaway Trailer

A woman named Regina Croft was tragically killed in a crash with a runaway utility trailer on Wednesday afternoon in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  The wreck happened at around 1:30 pm on Country Club Road.

According to available information, the utility trailer came detached from a pickup truck and hit Ms. Croft which forced her into a tree.  The driver of the pickup has now been charged with involuntary manslaughter, improper towing and failure to use safety chains and reckless driving to endanger.

Ms. Croft was 46 years old.

This case is tragically similar to a case we handled several years ago in Atlantic Beach North Carolina.  In that case, a trailer carrying a pontoon boat became detached and hit a minivan causing devastating injuries to a young girl sitting in the second row driver’s side.  As we learned form that case, in any trailer detachment case, there would be clear evidence of the use of safety chains in the form of stretching or tearing of the links.  Additionally, a properly hitched trailer with the coupler and coupler pin in place should not become detached.  A trained accident investigator can readily determine the condition of the trailer and whether it was properly hitched.

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