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Rocky Mount I-95 Tractor-Trailer Wreck Sends Three Truckers To Hospital

A very serious tractor-trailer wreck on Interstate 95 near Rocky Mount has resulted in the hospitalization of three truck drivers.

The wreck, which happened just south of the U.S. 64 interchange, resulted in one truck catching fire which then spread to a second truck.  Following the wreck, the nothbound lanes of I-95 were closed until around 7:00 a.m.  Officials are apparently still trying to sort out what happened in this accident.

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Updates on this terrible wreck now indicate that one of the truck drivers, John M. Jenkins of Rincon, Georgia, has now passed away as a result of his injuries.  A second driver, Jerome Kinsey of Orlando, Florida, is at the UNC Hospitals Jaycee Burn Center.  Apparently, the wreck occurred when one of the three tractor trailers crossed the median and struck the two other tractor-trailers.

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