Sleeping Driver Causes NC Wreck and Injuries to Gisela Chadwick

A woman named Gisela Chadwick was injured Monday in a wreck in Hoke County, North Carolina involving a sleeping driver.  The wreck happened on US Highway 401 between the communities of Bowman and Wagram at around 3:20 pm.  Apparently, the driver of a Jeep fell asleep at the wheel and crossed the center-line hitting Ms. Chadwick.  The driver of the Jeep has been charged with misdemeanor careless and reckless driving.  Ms. Chadwick was transported to Scotland Memorial Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

The accident certainly could have been much worse.  Anytime a driver crosses the center-line there is the potential for significant impact.  Ms. Chadwick and the driver of the Jeep are very fortunate in this situation.

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