Tanya Mann of North Carolina Killed in Virginia Accident Involving Tractor Trailers

A woman named Tanya Mann was traveling on Interstate 81 in Virginia on Wednesday when she was killed in a terrible accident.

The facts of the accident are not entirely clear.  However, it appears that a tractor-trailer operated by a man from Texas lost control and overturned in the median and southbound lane.  A second tractor-trailer driver was killed when his rig struck a piece of guardrail damaged in the initial wreck.  Ms. Mann apparently struck part of the first overturned tractor-trailer.  The driver of the first tractor-trailer was charged with reckless driving.

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This is a very unusual accident with tragic consequences.  Hopefully, accident investigators will be able to determine why the first tractor-trailer lost control and overturned.  In many cases such as this, quickly securing the driver’s logs can be important because driver fatigue is often responsible for the accident.  Other issues regarding the operation of the tractor-trailer can be determined through a download of the truck’s black box which must be handled by a skilled accident engineer.  Our firm has significant experience working with accident engineers in all types of tractor-trailer cases.

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