Wake Forest NC Accident With Dump Truck Results in Death of Schoolteacher Michelle Barlow

A terrible and tragic accident on Tuesday in Wake Forest, North Carolina has resulted in the death of a schoolteacher named Michelle Barlow.

The accident happened when a dump truck pulling a trailer struck the minivan driven by Ms. Barlow from behind on Capital Boulevard near the intersection of Burlington Mill Road.  After the dump truck struck Ms. Barlow’s minivan, she was pushed into another truck that was in front of her vehicle.  Tragically, Ms. Barlow was trapped in the minivan and did not survive the accident.  Ms. Barlow was apparently a schoolteacher at nearby Wake Forest High School and she is certainly going to be missed by her students.

The driver of the dump truck has charges pending.  At this point it is not clear why the dump truck driver failed to reduce his speed.  Hopefully, police investigators will examine the driver’s cell phone to determine whether he was distracted at the time. Another important consideration is whether the dump truck with the trailer attached had too much weight for the trucking braking system.  If so, the individuals responsible for loading the trailer may bear some responsibility for this terrible accident.

In addition to Ms. Barlow’s tragic outcome, the driver of the second truck was also injured.

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