Winston-Salem Box Truck Accident Results in Fatality

A gentleman driving on U.S. Highway 52 in Winston-Salem was killed Monday when he was hit head-on by a box truck.

The accident happened just south of Clemmonsville Road and involved multiple vehicles.  Apparently, the driver of the box truck lost control and struck a concrete median.  Chunks of the concrete came off striking one car.  The box truck then hit the car driven by Leroy Baum of Kernersville.  Mr. Baum did not survive the accident.  No other injuries were reported.

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This accident invovled numerous vehicles but it appears that the box truck was solely at fault.  An accident such as this will likely give rise to a wrongful death claim against the driver of the box truck and possibly his employer as well.  In cases such as this, there are some important questions that must be asked such as how long the box truck driver had been on the road and whether he was properly trained to driver this type of truck.

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