Winston-Salem House Catches Fire After Car Accident

Wednesday morning a family of four lost their home and most of their belongings due to the apparent negligence of a car driver.  According to reports, an impaired driver hit a utility pole on Rosie Street near the home of Melissa Enriquez and her family.  As a result, power lines struck the Enriquez home and started a fire.  The Enriquez family apparently lost their home and their belongings due to the fire.

The driver of the vehicle has been charged with multiple crimes including DWI.  She also left the scene of the accident.

The Enriquez family are victims in every sense of the word in this case.  Hopefully, the driver of the car has insurance.  The Enriquez family may need to contact a lawyer to ensure that they are fairly compensated for everything they have lost due to the driver’s apparent gross negligence.

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