Tractor Trailer Accident in Arkansas Claims Life of Trucker and Passenger Michael McPeters

Two North Carolina gentleman were tragically killed in a tractor-trailer accident on Interstate 40 in Arkansas last Thursday.

The accident happened in Franklin County around 3:00 a.m.  According to available information, the tractor-trailer left Interstate 40, hit a guardrail, and went down an embankment into a creek and collided with a tree. The driver of the truck, Larry Brooks, and the passenger, Michael McPeters, both suffered fatal injuries.  Mr. Brooks was 52 years old and Mr. McPeters was 54 years old.

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This is a very sad case of two men losing their life while just doing their jobs.  Based on the limited information available, it would seem possible that the driver may have fallen asleep and that this caused the accident.  However, it is likely that a more detailed investigation will reveal more information about the cause of the wreck.

This accident also presents some unique jurisdictional issues.  Since both men were residents of North Carolina, an estate for each man should be opened in North Carolina – in the county where they each resided.  However, the wreck occurred in Arkansas.  Therefore, any claims arising from the wreck could be brought in Arkansas or North Carolina. If claims are brought in North Carolina, Arkansas law would likely apply which should not pose any impediment to helping the families of the deceased gentlemen.

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