Carbon Monoxide Found at Boone Hotel Room Where Three Deaths Occurred

There is a very disturbing and serious issue recently reported regarding a possible carbon monoxide leak at a Boone, NC hotel. On April 16, 2013, two elderly visitors to a Boone hotel room at a Best Western were found dead.  Now, a young eleven year old boy has died in the same hotel room and the boy’s mother was hospitalized in serious condition.

According to reports, officials from the Watauga County Health Department have now found elevated levels of carbon monoxide in the room.  The hotel room is apparently near an indoor pool that is heated by a natural gas heater although it is not clear if this is the source of the carbon monoxide.

This is a very serious situation and hopefully state inspectors will be able to identify the source of the carbon monoxide.  For the families of the victims, if it is determined that carbon monoxide was the cause of the death of the elderly couple and the young boy, as well as the serious injury to the boy’s mother, these families will have potentially serious claims against the hotel and any other entity that was responsible for the pool heater.  The hotel is reportedly operated by Appalachian Hospitality Management.  Read more on this serious issue.

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