Trucker Daniel Coleman Killed After Truck Hits Vehicle Left on Road Near Hope Mills N.C.

A gentleman named Daniel Coleman was killed on Tuesday after his tractor trailer struck a vehicle that was left partially on the roadway.

The accident happened on North Carolina Highway 87 early in the morning prior to sunrise.  As best as we can tell from news reports, Mr. Coleman was traveling south on NC 87 when he struck the side of a pickup truck that was left on the side of the road  but still partially in the road.  Tragically, this impact caused the fuel oil load in the trailer to slosh forward resulting in a jackknife of the tractor-trailer.

Mr. Coleman is survived by a wife and several children.

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There is no indication in this article whether the driver of the pickup was charged with any crimes for leaving his vehicle in such a dangerous spot.  A quick review of the North Carolina laws for the operation of motor vehicles indicates several laws that may have been broken by the pickup truck driver including NCGS 20-134 which requires lights on parked or stopped vehicles upon a highway as well as NCGS 20-161 which prohibits a person from leaving a stopped vehicle upon a highway.

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