Worker Jesse Zimmer Seriously Injured in Durham NC Construction Accident

A gentleman named Jesse Zimmer was seriously injured Thursday morning at a construction site in Durham, North Carolina.  According to available information, Mr. Zimmer was in a portable toilet when a steel beam fell from the fifth floor of a building that was under construction and landed on the portable toilet.  The beam landed with such force as to crush the portable toilet and cause very serious injuries to Mr. Zimmer.

The North Carolina Department of Labor is investigating the incident.  Typically, a report of the DOL investigation will not be available for several months.

An injured person at a worksite typically has several claims arising from an incident such as this.  First, he may have a claim for worker’s compensation benefits from his employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.  Second, he may have a claim against the person or contractor responsible for the steel beam that fell.  These claims can be quite significant and should promptly be investigated.

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